Back to school, back to mayhem

No doubt most of them are now back at school and well settled in their new surroundings. It is surprising how quickly they settle down - even those at university for the first time, as we are now at the start of October! Wow! the year has really sped by. I know everyone says that, but really each year flies even faster.

With each September, there is the frenzied activity of making sure our little people have everything they need to smooth that transition into their next year, whether it is starting play group, starting nursery, starting school or moving on to really big school!

This September two of my brood just carried on at the same school, just one year older, but the oldest, Tuna, started secondary school. My, what a jump that is. I am sure the rucksack full of books is that symbol of the weight of responsibility they suddenly have to contend with and constantly carry around with them ...

So a new school means new uniform. Well, it is not just that. The school uniform, sports gear and all the equipment they need seems to be endless. The number of trips we made to the school uniform shop, the sports shop, the stationers, the art shop, the shoe shop, back to the sports shop (her feet had grown again!), the school uniform shop again for the labels and so on, was just amazing. Luckily in this day and age, we have credit cards to help stagger the payments for all the parafenalia they need!

It is a time when we need to contemplate buying lunchboxes, and all the necessary kit to go into them to make our lives and our broods lives easier. Everything has to be labelled, altered to fit, and packed into the appropriate bag for the big day (and all the days that follow that!)

With this in mind, Lunchbox World have a whole load of new arrivals at the online store, including the original banana guard, and a load of really zany designs on lunchboxes.
We do have loads more coming all the time as one thing we discovered when avoiding all the licensed ones, that aside from the Ben 10 and Spiderman lunchboxes, if your son is not into football, there is not a lot of choice. But we found some great ones for boys! So do check the online store to see our latest range. As I say we have more stock coming in all the time - maybe for those Aunts and Uncles wanting to buy that special something at Christmas!

We also have a review section where we look at all the latest products available for lunches on the go. This is updated all the time, so do check it out, if you are looking for some nifty gadget or food to help make life that little bit easier.

If there is anything you are looking for, but can't find it, or need help, do let us know as we are here to help!

Either post a comment here, or contact us on the Lunchbox World website. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks again

The Lunchbox World Team

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