New Lunchbox World Competition starts today!

Wow., this last month has just flown by. Back to school, back to work, juggling before school activities and after school activities, I just seem to have been running, running, running. Does not matter how fast I run, I still seem to be behind on everything, forever trying to catch my tail.

Must be the time I was off sick in the summer. 5 whole weeks, and of course, everything just piles up and I still havenot caught up...

Anyway, on the subject of back to school, Lunchbox World this month has teamed up with Highland Spring and are offering FIVE brilliant Back to School kits as prizes. They include a rucksack, lunchbox, trainers, a supply of Highland Spring, naturally, and a whole load of other goodies! (Don't worry, we will make sure you get trainers to fit and of course a prize appropriate for your age and gender! )

For your chance to win, all you have to do is visit the Lunchbox World website, go on the competition page, agree to sign up to the newsletter, and answer the question. That's it!
Alternatively you can always find the Lunchbox World competitions on Prizefinder , as well as other competition websites.
There are also a whole load of new lunchbox kit reviews on the site, so do take a look. Loads more recipes are going live on the site too, so keep checking back for whatever lunchbox idea you need.
We are now inundated with loads of products to review and get up on to the website, with the aim of giving you all that inspiration you need to put the fun back into packed lunches!
So do take a look and let us know what you think as we love to hear from you.
Good luck! and thanks again
The Lunchbox World Team

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