Our walk to school

Here are just some of the things we saw on our way to and from school today. Buddleia swaying this way and that in the breeze.

Some kind of funghi growing thick and fast up a tree trunk
Some wild cherries or plums just looking ready for the picking. It is making me think soon it will be time to go bramble picking, gathering berries and making them into jam, ready for the winter months. But I must restrain myself as the English summer is over way too quickly anyway, so let us enjoy it while it lasts.

It really does make you slow down. You can only go at your pace, and life then slows down with it, I mean, you just have to allow the time to walk, there are no two ways about it. No chance of putting your foot down on the accelerator, you just walk and chat and shoo them along some more so they won't be late into school.
Maybe every Friday we will do this, walk to school particularly in the good weather and enjoy the surroundings.
The way home though was much harder. End of the day, end of the week, heavy bags full of books, empty lunchboxes, musical instruments, nearly end of term, so more things to carry... Not so pleasurable as the morning walk.

Maybe it would be better to do it this way: Friday morning walk to school, but whisk them home afterwards at the end of the day! They will definitely sleep well tonight, or at least, I will for sure!
Still no news on the car either... Maybe next week will be another week of juggle juggle...

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