New Competition starts today on Lunchbox World Website!

As our summer holidays continue, we are ever hopeful that that heatwave of June will return. With this in mind, the Lunchbox World Team kicks off another competition today that runs this August, that could be great for your picnics or lunches on the go! Whatever the weather, rain or shine, you can always have a picnic, it could be in your front room, it could be in the car, it could be in a field under canvas, just be inventive and with a little imagination is great fun for little people! It can also be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Sometimes it is life's smallest things that give the greatest pleasure and create the biggest memories.
A couple of years ago we decided to go off on a picnic with the brood in the back of the car. Got it all ready, picnic blanket, basket and cool bag full of goodies. Parked up, laid it all out in the field. Just as we were all set, ready to begin, the heavens opened. It was a mad scoop everything up, as the rain poured down running in rivulets off the hair, mad dash back to the car, steam up all the windows. Once we had all calmed down after the excitement, it was a really fun inpromptu picnic, in the car, with the rain pounding down on the car roof, sitting in the car park! It can be fun wherever you go!

So, back to the competition, Lunchbox World have teamed up with Primula to offer three lucky readers a chance to win a year's supply of Primula to mark the 80 year celebration!
All you have to do is go to the Lunchbox World website, carefully read the blurb, answer the question and agree to sign up to the newsletter. It is that easy!

So have a go, and you never know, you could be lucky!

Click here to go to the competition page, and good luck!
You can also find us on the prizefinder UK website.
We would also love to hear of any unusual picnics you have had! Do send them in to either Lunchbox World or send us your comments!

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