Car still in car hospital, juggle juggle

Not good news.
Car is still at the car hospital, waiting patiently on its sick bed to be looked at by the car doctor. It could just be the fuel pump, it could be more. We just have to wait patiently and call the car doctor again later.
The car was towed away on Tuesday.
Luckily hubbie agreed to take the public transport to work cross country, whilst I had the excuse of needing the car to ferry the brood about, from school, to work, back to school, to after school activity, home, then to more activities.
It is now Friday and I no longer have work as an excuse, so today hubbie had his car back and we walked to school.
It was actually rather nice, although Spike does seem to be a dog's muck magnet. Say no more!
The sun was shining, the air was clear and we set off in single file along the country lane to school, heavily laden with rucksacks, lunchboxes and musical instruments. (Thank goodness no-one plays the double bass or tuba! Those would be awkward to carry!) No it was the ocarina, and the flute, both nice and compact! Phew!

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