Bunny hop journeys and big big school

Tuesday, another day, another school run. However today Tuna had to go for an induction day at her secondary school. All very exciting - off to big big school. Hoorah! one less lunchbox to make today! School dinners is what she is getting!

Not much different you may think, only another logistical juggling act - how to split myself in 2 ways again. The boys were dropped off shortly after 8am to the early bird clubs. No problem, but being an induction day, she had to be at the new school for 915am.
I had to be at work for 9am, and to get my thoughts together, as per usual, I like to be in by 830am so I am up to speed, ready for the day, having glugged down a capuccino, logged on and caught up with a few emails, said a few "Hi's" around the office all by 9am.

So, bunny hop number 1, dropped off Spike at his school. Car was fine. Back in the car, bunny hop number 2, dropped off King Julien.
Everything ok. Started the car and headed off to work. At the first roundabout, suddenly from nowhere remembered I had forgotten something, so headed home. Bunny hop number 3. Leaped out of the car, without a second thought. Unlocked the front door, grabbed the forgotten item, and headed back out. Back in the car. Key in the ignition, turned it on, nothing happened.
Tried again, nothing. Got out, re-entered the house. Obviously 3 bunny hops too many.

Husband was still at home luckily as he had volunteered (literally at the 11th hour last night) to take Tuna, so I could still get to work on time. Got him to take a look at the car, to check under the bonnet, and see that I was not totally an idiot. He sat in the drivers seat. Turned the key. Nothing.

After 10 minutes trying, we called the AA. Meanwhile Tuna had to get to the new school, did not want to create a bad impression, before she had even started! (She starts September) So whilst husband waited for the AA, I headed off to the school with Tuna and then escaped into the office! I got to the office at 930am and felt I was on "catch-up" for the rest of the day!
Anyway, back to the tale...

Husband waited two hours for the AA! He had been told 40 minutes!
The car has obviously done too many bunny hops and has had enough! It turns out it needs a new fuel pump!
To me, not an expert at all in the field, that sounds like a new car (ever hopeful!)
So my car has been towed away and taken to the car hospital to be mended.
Although you can imagine, the mechanic scratched his head, ummed and aahed, and is not altogether sure exactly when he can fix it. So for now we are down to one car, 3 kids, and two jobs, both in different towns and a load of after school activities and last minute inpromptu school concerts and gatherings to attend now that the term is drawing to an end.

Well, the kids can't miss their after school activities can they? So poor old hubbie has volunteered to take public transport whilst we (me and the kids) get the car!!
Must find a way of getting a new car though. Note to self - work on new car plan (new to me, at least!)

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