A Local Summer Fayre

Today was the day I had been waiting for - the local cozy summer fayre. The invitation had arrived in the post some weeks ago. I always know who it is from before I open it, as there is always a little heart stamped at the bottom of the envelope. I had marked it on my calendar - it was definitely not to be missed. The Christmas Fayre had been wonderful too, in the winter they are held in her house. In the summer, it is all in her truly idyllic garden.

For those local, they will know what I mean. She really is an inspirational lady.

The reason I love going to these fayres is that they are full of arts and crafts, mixing old with new, using old items but giving them a fresh lease of life with a lick of paint, not the heavily distressed look of the 1990's but the new cleaner slightly distressed maybe "worn" look of the 2000's! I was reflecting with one of the stall holders what an art it is, having the ability to mix old pots, old furniture with new fabrics. It was totally inspirational, and all was set outside in her back garden, with pots of lavender dotted here and there, deckchairs to sit on in one corner, a little tea time area in another with a most wonderful swinging chair - like the one in Brothers and Sisters' episode I caught recently!

I was so taken with some of the gazebo's and bunting in her garden, that I just had to go and make some purchases and replicate the look in my own home. After all, it is true in the words of Ikea : home is the most important place in the world.

It has also spurred me on to eat more outside, have picnics and lunch, and even tea for the children before it gets too late and too damp. This time of year in particular is so full of hope, and possibilities, the long evenings, the milder weather and just this time of year when the birds are so lively.

Soon the garden will be relatively quiet again, but for now, it is quite magical, just sitting out, watching the bumble bees and the birds ...

... sipping on a cup of tea, taking five before life takes over again... I must keep reminding myself, life is for living.

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