"Billy Basic Lunchbox" for Naughty Boys!

I had thought this week was going to be a breeze, with just two out of the three of the brood at home. How wrong could I be!

Tuna is away on a school trip, so I am left with the two lion cubs to contend with, one for each hand, or should I call them "Bicker 1" and "Bicker 2" as that is all they seem to do! Bicker, bicker, bicker.

So, today that was it, because of their behaviour, Spike and King Julien ended up with the "Billy Basic Lunchbox" for naughty boys!

Forget Fun Friday, no today it was a Billy Basic Lunchbox: A delicious soft brown roll with breaded sliced ham, a chew bar, an apple and a bottle of water, that was it. No Fruit Flakes for breaktime, no Squashums, no Fruits, no extra cartons of juice, no Hartley's Frujies Jelly Pots, no just the Billy Basics.

Unfortunately though, this was supposed to be a lesson - there are consequences for your actions and if you do not behave, then you will end up having to suffer the consequences. Well, the consequence for giving them the "Billy Basic Lunchbox" was that they came out of school absolutely starving, desperate for something to eat and drink! So maybe that is my lesson! Find some other way of making them learn as long as I donot have to suffer the consequences for my actions!

We shall see how they behave at breakfast tomorrow, to see if there is any impact on their behaviour after realising how that affected what made up their lunch in their lunchbox today!

I have posted links to help clarify any of the products I have mentioned. There are reviews for all of them on the website Lunchbox World, so do click and follow the links for more information.

Happy reading!

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