The crazy week in May

Time has flown by but I still wanted to blog about the crazy week in May. This month has been a busy month for travelling, both for business and pleasure. Normally it is the husband that travels. This month was my turn!
First the overnight work conference in Brighton, allowing me that all important time to "bond" with my work colleagues, both in the day and at dinner.
This was followed by a 3 day conference in Switzerland, again creating that all important forum for entrenching more in the company and demonstrating my worth/ my experience to the team.
Then a quick turn around and off to Greece for our family holiday - to our little haven, our "island on the mainland", Porto Rafti, just 20 minutes from the international Airport in Athens.

Having joined in March and working just 14 hours a week creates that added challenge of having to work extra hard at building relationships in the work place. Now with the brood and in an attempt to balance family life and fulfill myself through work, part-time is the way forward. And these part-time marketing roles, particularly within fmcg, are so few and far between. You just have to grab them when they come along.

On these occasions of being away from family, you are somehow given permission to have that all important time, that "me" time to think about yourself, to take the time to get ready before dinner, consider what to wear! Rather than just grabbing something in a rush from the wardrobe, and flinging it on, hoping it will all go together and be ok. When you are away in a hotel, you can take more time over it, consider and reflect on what to wear, and compose yourself somehow - literally just take your time. In Switzerland I managed a 40 minute speed walk around the lake, and have time to shower and change, and this was all before dinner. With the family in tow, this would have been impossible! Here is the Lake!

Reflecting on work, passage of time is that all important ingredient of whatever you do. Everything takes time - time to get to know everyone, and for them to get to know you, then for you to demonstrate your true worth and potential.

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