A visit to see Drake!

Duck and Drake came to us. Yesterday, we felt we should go and see them! The brood were behaving like trapped animals, and the noise levels were just too great for Granny, so we had to take them out. A bit like letting animals out for a bit of fresh air. We took them to a large wooded park area. Mr Whippy loaded up the bikes in the back of one car, Granny and I went in the other car. Granny hadnot been before, so it was something new for her to see.

There is a lake in the middle, with ducks, drakes, geese, moorhens and if you are lucky coots too. There is also loads of woodland and a huge play area for kids, with lots to climb on, basically somewhere to try and tire them out. (We got more tired out than them though! We walked miles!)

Well, being Easter and Springtime, there were lots of nests all dotted around the perimeter of the lake, some already abandoned, some still being used.

I could not get a shot of the nest full of eggs, but did manage to get a shot of the coot sitting on her own brood.

We did take a pack of our own chocolate nests with eggs to eat, and some cartons of juice to keep them going until we got back for tea.
It was great fun but I was falling asleep by 830pm. Not a good sign.