Ocarina Special and the Giant Chick

Yesterday was the day. The ocarina special and the Giant Chick show was at long last showing its last performance in the lounge. There have been two performances, one for Granny and this final one for Daddy.

The whole brood performed and played various roles with the hand puppets. To summarise the Giant Chick was all about these little farm animals (finger puppets) being transformed by a wizard into Giant animals overnight (large hand puppets they had made into the various animals with feathers, pipecleaners and felt and glue!)

The next day all the animals are back to normal, but I have to just include a photo here to show you how hard the brood worked both at the show, and at the ocarina concert. They played Hot cross Buns, London's Burning and all the other quick and easy tunes like Happy Birthday too!
Luckily unlike the usual performances at school, this little show/concert lasted 20 minutes tops! The last two I went to prior to that lasted 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours, so you can tell how happy I was yesterday!

Short and to the point, and very sweet! That's how I like it, and of course, it was just my brood performing, so I didnot have to sit through watching all the other children perform!

So it looks like buying the ocarinas was a good thing after all. I have just finished penning a note to the music teacher to see if King Julien can be part of the ocarina club! I will keep my fingers crossed and hand that in tomorrow with a sweet smile on my face!