Lunchbox World Website has a new look! It's live!

Today is the day!
It has finally arrived and my new look website is out there! has a spring in its step! It has a new, fresh and exciting look.

I can hardly contain myself. All that hard work and I really think it has paid off!

The brood have been dreadful over the last couple of weeks, not liking all this attention the pc is now getting. What happened to giving them a bit of attention, as I work all day and late into the night. They play outside (I wish! blissful harmony not.) No, they fight and scrap outside, whilst I stare at the monitor, superglued to the pc, checking and re-checking, trimming back copy, finding images, more checking, more emails to and fro, changing this and finalising that...
Hoping if I ignore them long enough they will start to play beautifully together.

Yep, they are off on the Easter hols, school broke up last week and where am I? - sitting in the office, fingers tap tap tapping at the keys, not moving fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. The hours pass and still I am not finished. But today, I have! The website is up and it is just the final tweaks! What a great feeling!

I had even bought them an ocarina each at the start of the week, hoping they would start a mini ocarina band together. Resisting still the demands for a DS or a Wii or an X-box. We have none of that. No, I wanted them to have an appreciation for music. Two of them, Spike and Tuna are hooked on the ocarina already (sounds just like a recorder but in a handy size) and will endlessly play "London's burning", you know in a round, so one starts then the other, and they continue playing one line out of sync.

They play for hours, over and over, and then they take it in the car, as it is a tiny little thing the size of your fist on a piece of string, that you can hang around your neck. I had trouble reversing as they were playing "London's burning" so loudly in the back of the car.. I nearly mowed down the neighbour's bushes it was so distracting.

Oh well! I will still encourage King Julien! And I will make sure I enjoy this break from lunchbox preparations while I think up some more packed lunch ideas!

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