What a welcome sight!

Well I never!
I was at the supermarket the other day - "Oh no!" you groan, "not again!"
I was sauntering up to the entrance, contemplating whether to take the trolley or grab a basket, and thinking at the same time "I can't believe I am food shopping again already. Seems like only yesterday I was here. Actually it was only yesterday." Then the thoughts of "How am I going to get round in 5 minutes and back to that mountain of ironing at home that awaits me?"

I saw to my delight an image which will stay in my mind for some time to come. I spotted a lady in the car park. You know how some people just pull you back from your thoughts and catch your eye?
I am thinking about this fellow mum right now.
She was running back towards the shop with her empty trolley, hair flying, grimace across her face, heels clonking across the tarmac. You could almost read her expression! She was already thinking "Crumbs, late again... how on earth am I going to get there in two minutes. I should be there already. Quick back with the trolley and I will be on my way... "

So you see this lady was literally doing a trolley dash - running her trolley back to the shop, nothing in it, then trotting back to her car, contemplating her next task. Just another fellow mum, time poor, racing from A to B to then most likely do it all again in a couple of days time!

I really thought I was alone in behaving like this, charging about with a shopping trolley, racing hither and thither. Truly, I have never seen anyone behave in quite the same way...
What a welcome sight! That really made my day...