Success! The kids love them!

As luck would have it all three of my brood love the yoghurt covered raisins! Yep! even King Julien, the fussy one. So I cannot understand the sporty shopper's reaction of disappointment when she thought she might be taking home that rogue bag...

Some people never cease to amaze me!

"Nothing queerer than folk!" My Grandmother used to say and she is so right, but that's what makes the world such an interesting place to live in. Everyone is so different, and it would be truly boring if we were all the same.

Everyone has their quirks. Take me for example, I just have to have a supply of chocolate in the house:

(1) in case I want to eat it, and I do not want to get into a panic of finding the cupboard bare; or

(2) in case I suddenly summon up the energy at the end of the day to rustle up some chocolate crispy chocolates with the kids, (the recipe needs chunks of chocolate); or more frequently now the kids are older,
(3) as an emergency supply if the kids suddenly need a gift for those school fairs that seem to come round really frequently!

I also have found myself hiding the supply, so that my husband won't find it; when he does, he just wolves it down in one!

I was planning on making some chocolate nests with the kids; little cakes made with shredded wheat coated in chocolate mixture. Then we squash down 2-3 mini eggs in the nest and decorate the plate with tiny yellow fluffy chicks. Just in time for Easter, and I also thought something fun for their lunchboxes, something they can talk about with their friends.

Well blow me, I nipped out at the weekend, the husband ate the lot, and claimed he had shared them with the kids. " A little bit early don't you think for eating Easter eggs?" "Not at all!" he replied with a slight chocolate rim round his lips.........................