Oops! What a muddle!

I thought I was onto a bit of a roll this week. Second week into the term, food is in the cupboards. Husband is away. (That always makes for a certain level of calm in the house.) We were all ready to leave the house at 830am, lunchboxes all prepared and ready to go. There was even some time for the children to settle themselves down to threading beads in the craft room, so things really were calm!

Having delivered the brood to their prospective schools, then made a few calls, decided I was overdue for a coffee. Came into the kitchen to find Tuna's lunchbox sitting on the side, looking all innocent! Oops! How could that have happened? I thought I had done so well this morning - clearly not.
Oh my! My immediate thought was - Do I have to take it? Could she manage until later? This thought was quickly pushed aside with the thought - I must take it into the school office or she will be in a dreadful mood come school pick up.
So off I trotted, again, back to school, to the school office. I wonder how many other mothers make the same mistake, or am I on my own in this? Is it always that I get it wrong, and that everyone else is so organised? I was quite embarrassed in a way, as now the school secretary would have to carry the rather tatty looking lunchbox down and deliver it to Tuna's class, and maybe embarrass her too! Must add that to my list - get a new lunchbox. Mine seem to get rather orange looking in the dishwasher over time. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening? Let me know if you have any tips on this.
Anyway, look on the bright side! At least she got her lunch! Could have been worse! I could have been at work today, and she would not have got it at all!!