Not again - forgot the guitar!

Note to self: must get more organised - a noticeboard or some kind of reminder. Can no longer keep all the brood's activities in my head - guitar, flute, football, netball, swimming, orchestra, choir, piano, let alone my stuff! Am I getting old or forgetful or are they just doing too much?

It happened on Monday. Dropped Tuna and Spike off at school. Jumped back in the car to take King Julien. Just pulling away, noticed in the rear view mirror a child carrying their guitar. Damn! I'll have to go back for that. Spike has his guitar lesson today. I can't keep doing this everytime one of the brood forgets something. How will they ever learn?
They must remember...
Trouble is, Spike forgot his guitar last week. I did not take it in to him at school. He forgot this week too. He did not learn...

So, Tuesday I bought a noticeboard with little pegs strung across the front. One peg for each day. Now we have the "aide memoire" in the kitchen. Now there is no excuse! At a glance, you can see what is down for each day.
Note to self: make sure the children do not take on too many activities otherwise noticeboard will not be able to cope!