Monday Morning - good start to the week!

With three lunchboxes to do, it is never a dull moment! Generally I would say the house is fairly organised until about 810am. (Maybe my husband would argue on that point!) But generally everyone is busy munching, so things are pretty quiet.
Then once breakfasts are coming to an end, and I need to press on with sorting out the lunchboxes, everything seems to start coming a bit unhinged! Children start to run around and kicking and pinching seems to start. I just need a bit of quiet, to get the lunchboxes organised, and then we can all go...
Trouble is, with three different ones to do, I do need to concentrate a bit! I do not want to be greeted with disapproving looks again on school pickup, as the realisation dawns that I muddled up the lunchboxes in their lunchbags! King Julien once got Spike's lunch and Spike got Tuna's and so on. Oh it was all a muddle that day! I even managed to totally muddle up their water bottles too, so they neither ate nor drank that day. You can imagine what greeted me that day in the playground!!! No, I donot want to repeat that experience again yet! It is just too soon! If you have been there, you will totally know how foolish you are made to feel by these slightly more than a metre high mini-adults!!

So, I managed to do the shopping at the weekend, and plan a little way ahead into the week. For me, that always helps!
The menu today was sausage roll for King Julien, chopped up apple in a container, chew bar and water to drink. I am discovering that I have a better chance of him eating the fruit if it is chopped. However it must still look appealing otherwise he just won't touch it!

For Tuna it was more comprehensive, but then she is so much older. I served her some really nice slices of ham on white bread with a chunk of cucumber and separately sliced up tomato (wrapped in clingfilm), followed by these new jammy dodger splat snacks, a nutrigrain chew bar, a pot of grapes, and an apple and of course, her bottle of water. As she had netball after school, I also popped in a carton of fruit juice and another chew bar to keep her going until 445pm. (Incidentally, none of these things seemed to help get her thinking positively today. It must be just one of those days.... Maybe Monday blues, or maybe just something else. No doubt, I shall for a while see many more. I think it is her age or so that is what I am told!)

Spike on the other hand, seems to see the positive in absolutely everything at the moment! Such a good chap! Anyway, they all have their moments don't they and at times he can be absolutely contrary, that is the only word for it, and he can drive you to distraction, or absolutely mad.
But today, he was lovely. So, for lunch, as the ham was finished, he was happy to oblige and had sliced cheddar, the mature variety, also on white, sliced tomato in clingfilm (that he could add later at lunchtime, so his sandwich would not go soggy!), also a pot of grapes, a bag of the splat snacks, bottle of water and an apple just in case, I had not managed to fill him. Well today, it was guitar, so he had no time to eat, as his time slot this week was during lunch! So that was it, half his lunch came home, the other half was polished off in the car on the way home!

A mischievous thought : maybe one day I should purposefully muddle up their lunchboxes again and see how they react this time! If I did it on purpose, maybe it would have a more positive effect? Depends what kind of notes I put in with it maybe...
Watch this space, and I will let you know when I do...
Thanks for reading
Speak soon