A bit of a worry...

My husband, Mr Whippy (I'll explain later) says I have become a bit of a worrier. I've always got to be worrying about something - either the children aren't eating properly, or look a bit flushed, or are having alot of headaches, or it's me, I'm not sleeping enough.
To be fair, there are a lot of bugs going round at the moment, and scarlet fever too, so am not that paranoid. I have to keep an eye out for the symptoms just in case, as their friends have had it.

Anyway, today on the school run home, I decided in the glorious sunshine to walk between schools. It's a short walk and it's all downhill. Chatting away to a parent I haven't seen in a while, I slowly realise I can no longer see King Julien.
He's normally hanging from a branch or hiding behind a bush. I hang back expecting to see him any moment... in a minute.. Still not there.
By now I should be at the next school. Do I go back up the hill and search or do I press on? Still no sign of him. I briskly walk, brushing aside the scary thoughts. I tell myself, "He must have run ahead. I'm sure he'll be there..."
I set off at a pace, asking a couple of mums I catch up with along the way if they'd seen him. No. They comment how calm and together I appear. If only they knew. Inside my heart is racing and my mind running riot. Luckily, it doesnot show.
I press on, concluding there is only one option. The car is at the middle school anyway, so I'd best get down there, then I can race around in wheels searching for him. Far more efficient. Ever logical, that's me.
Best get Tuna first. (Spike has football practice). I hurried on, by now running and as I turned the last bend, there was King Julien, running towards me, shoulders up, head tilted and cowering low, lips quivering and face all crumpled and red.
My heart leaped out to him. "Oh my! I am so glad I found you... Well done for staying close to the middle school", was all I could utter as I wrapped my arms around him hugging and kissing him hard.
"If that ever happens again, you must stay in the playground and find a teacher. Tell them to ring me..."

We held hands tightly, hugging earch other and stayed side by side for the rest of the day.

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